On behalf of my Royal family I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you, all donors of Tirtagangga, for your generosity.

Your passion for Tirtagangga, expressed in donations started from the beginning of this century has made the renovation according to the masterplan possible. It ensured the continued existence of the garden as a legacy for future generations. Moreover, thanks to your support Tirtagangga has become the most appreciated attraction in the region of Karangasem, and one of the most noted landmark of Indonesia.

However, with the constant increase in the number of visitors, the income of the garden is also growing. As a side effect of the renovation, Tirtagangga changed from a loss giving property into a self-sufficient, profitable asset. Since 2015 revenues are enough to finance the maintenance and future developments of the garden. Even more, Tirtagangga has become the main source of income for my Royal family to finance religious activities.

This means that the goal of the renovation has been fulfilled, and donations are no longer necessary.

If for whatever reason support is essential again in the future, I will inform you and announce the need of donation again through this website.





To facilitate the renovation and to give publicity to Tirtagangga, I founded the foundation "Donors of Tirtagangga".

It is registered under nr. 24306149 at the chamber of commerce of Gouda, Holland.