Impression of works starting from October 2001: The first sculpture paid with your donations, carved from natural lava stone; wall decoration at the renovated change rooms (Cw109); Agung Bagus and Emerald Starr inspecting finishing works at the fountain tower; Emerald Starr looking full of admiration at the restoration of an open gutter (Cw104); restoration of the northwest swimming pool; Agung Bagus and pak Tjok at the entrance of Tirtagangga where elegant new tiles are being laid; cleaning and levelling ground (Cw103) around the fountain tower.


Construction of open gutter from the upperwest swimmingpool to the southeast corner of the gardens. A 25 meter steep of the gutter is also renewed. This is a part of work nr. Cw104 of the masterplan.


 The staff of Tirtagangga, as it was present in April, 2001. Standing from left: I Komang Minggu, I Komang Sutarma, I Ketut Patung, I Nengah Taman, my self, Tjokorda Alit Ardana, I Ketut Yana, I Wayan Diksa, Agung Bagus, Agung Dharma and Agung Ngurah Adi. Sitting from left: I Made Burung, I Nengah Pasek, I Nengah Armada, I Ketut Alit, I Nyoman Mardana and I Made Tiska. Not in the picture: I Wayan Subrata and I Wayan Tinggal.