Mount Agung reduced its volcano activities. Tirtagangga is no longer polluted by ash rain. The garden is cleaned up and the water resumed its clear state. Swimming in the swimming pools is possible again.



Despite of the increasing volcano activities of mount Agung in the last days (left), Tirtagangga is still outside the danger zone. Therefore, Tirtagangga remains open every day. However, although limited, the quantity of ash in the water (right) due to ash rain so far has already forced the garden to close its swimming pools temporary.

If volcano activities continue to increase, an eventually closure of the whole garden will be announced through this website immediately.




Tirtagangga remains open every day, because it is outside the danger zone of mount Agung. After a significant drop in seismic and volcanic activity in the last week, the alert status of the mountain has been reduced from the highest 4th level Awas (alert) to the 3rd level Siaga (standby).



In the never ending Balinese Hinduism cycle of creation (Brahma), preservation (Vishnu) and extermination (Shiva), mount Agung, sacred summit of Gods, after a long fruitful period may soon erupt showing its destructive side, among others threatening the continuity of Tirtagangga.

Lets pray that it will not be as severe as in 1963 and hope that an eventually dark disaster may soon be followed by bright prosperity, just like the night is swept away by sunrise in the picture below, taken by me from its highest peak towards the Rinjani mountain of Lombok last June 1st.



Dear visitors, thank you for your continuous heart warming reviews. May be the most impressive from last week, in short:

“There can be only one … place you have to visit during each travel you plan … When on Bali, if for some reason you have to visit only one landmark it simply has to be Tirta Gangga … it captures essential spirit of Balinese culture and attitude.

Do not make mistake and visit this temple just as one way-point on your endless race to thick all the boxes which make your travel worth spending your time and money … do not race … do not hurry. Savour the moments spent in Tirta Gangga … make the happening of the visit to this jewel on Bali … be the first or at least among the first to be in Tirta Gangga … to open the festival of light and water … to feel the cold mist on your face and to dip and cleanse your body in the holly water.

Embrace every moment and enjoy in tranquillity and spirituality of the place … it carries certain understated loftiness which you can feel no matter under which God you bow. In morning blue light with low clouds as a warm blanket around you capture your small piece of heaven …

You do not have to know the history behind it … you do not have to connect to the religious points of the place … you just have to see it to believe and feel something sublime wrapped in the confluence of elements.”



Tirta Gangga is among the recipients of the 2017 Experts' Choice Award from TripExpert. The Award recognizes the best attractions around the world based on reviews by journalists and professional travel writers. As one of the top attractions in Bali, Tirta Gangga has also received TripExpert's Best of Bali award.



To exchange gardening experiences, the gardeners of Tirtagangga visited gardens of Nusa Dua at south-Bali. Accompanied by my deputy and cousin Agung Bagus (white cap) and my secretary and cousin Agung Dharma (black cap), the gardeners were pleasantly welcommed and escorted around the gardens by Pak Made Sudiarta (brown shirt), the gardening manager of Inaya Putri Bali, and by Pak Wirawan (white shirt), the gardening manager of Nusa Dua Beach Hotel.



Thanks to Tirta Ayu for profiding the facilities, an UKL-UPL (Usaha penKelolaan Lingkungan hidup - Usaha Pemantuan  Lingkungan hidup) meeting has been held at Tirtagangga to ensure a positive impact of the garden on its living environment. Among others, the meeting were attended by (standing) the UKL-UPL team members and by local authorities (sitting from left) I Nengah Badung (Head of the neighborhood Banjar Tanah Lengis), I Wayan Siki (head of the official village Ababi) and I Gede Ariana (Head of the traditional Adat village Ababi).



The staff of Tirtagangga as it was present in June, 4th 2017. Standing from left: Agung Peter (deputy treasurer), Ayu Surya (treasurer), I Kadek Bukig, my self (chairman), I Komang Bidengg, I Wayan Murdana g, I Ketut Paseks, I Ketut Yanag (deputy foreman), Mangku Bungt, I Gede Bidengs, Agung Bagus (deputy chairman) and Agung Darma (secretary). Sitting from left: I Nyoman Tinggals, I Gede Maradas, I Putu Liongs, I Nyoman Armadag, I Komang Tarmag, Ketut Kembarg, I Nengah Pasekg and I Komang Kembarg. Not in the picture: Agung Ardana (foreman), I Wayan Diksas, Mangku Mardanat, Mangku Tisnat and I Nengah Winartag (g= gardener, s= securitymen, t= ticketmen).



In the last period, many rehabilitation and maintenance works have been executed. Clockwise from top left: strengthening the Saraswati pond wall; reinforcement of the ancient Candi Kurung (enclosed gate) foundation before the stair is build; slabbing the children’s swimming pool floor; repairing supply channel to the fountains of the Versailles pond; gravelling the Meditation centre ground; erecting the Dedari (beautiful nymphs at water source) shrine; laying grass tiles to avoid muddy ground around the lower swimming pool; renovating the Lotus pond; restoration of the stair, walls, walkway and planting of giant Keladi (elephant’s ear plant) at the Meditation centre.

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